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What is Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network?

A free music teacher matching service! A UK-wide network of the best music teachers in the country, backed by a small team of expert coordinators.

In essence, we're a community of teachers and schools that spans the entire UK as well as other countries around the globe. We can help you to locate in-home tuition or local studio lessons. Yes, we do have travelling teachers! (But sometimes we’re unable to find an available teacher to send to someone, then we turn to our local studios.) And yes, this is an entirely cost-free service, absolutely no agency commissions, finder's fee or on-top padding of the teacher's original rates.

So what makes Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network different? We do all the legwork for you absolutely free! We give you loads of choice. Your Stars & Catz music tutor will customise the tuition to suit your needs and aspirations. We are keen on people progressing quickly, in an effortless, easy fashion. Each and every Stars & Catz music teacher has to have a fun streak. You won’t even know you’re learning.

A word on Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network tutors: All our teachers are screened for relevant qualifications and experience. We speak to each one personally and only the best teachers are invited to join. Whatever your music aspiration may be—we have a music teacher to help you. Exactly what instrument are you looking for? We provide: guitar teachers, piano teachers, singing teachers, violin teachers... in fact, pretty much all instruments! How about different types of teacher? We can find you a music teacher for jazz singing, salsa drums, folk strings, suzuki violin, yamaha flute, jazz trumpet, classical cello, dance keyboard, jazz brass, orchestral woodwind… and more!

What do the tuition programmes that our tutors use have in common? Fun, choice, tailored, read music… or don’t, fast, easy, learn the styles you want to.

Benefits of finding your music teacher through Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network: If you want in-home lessons then that's what we'll find for you (where available). Pay nothing for our expert service. Get access to all our online resources and tools. Learn with a music teacher who knows what they're doing. We’re looking after you at Stars & Catz HQ. If your teacher moves overseas we will find you another teacher!

At Stars & Catz, we know that a music teacher is someone you always remember, all of your life. We also understand that a teacher can help to nurture confidence in a student. Stars & Catz believes that a music teacher should, at the end of the day, be regarded as a friend and certainly a positive influence. Contact us today.