5 questions to Elena Dubinets (new music scholar, artistic advisor for Seattle Chamber Players) + MORE Oct 22nd


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Brahms: Chants d'amour / Liebeslieder + MORE

Summer weather is beginning to transition into that of fall, which means it's time for me to transition from French to German art songs as my default listening of choice. Perfect for this lazy, enchanted, in-between period has proved a new recording of Brahms waltzes, here identified as Chants .... More »

Alone At The Top: What Conductor Susanna Malkki’s Success Means—and What It Doesn’t + MORE Nov 1st

Conductor Susanna Malkki leading the Chicago Symphony felt like a massively successful non-event. A woman was on the podium, and everything seemed to be in order. But while Malkki is unquestionably a master, she is also, statistically, a unicorn..... More »
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Rhythmic Sleight-of-Hand + MORE

By Paul Stein: Rhythm seems simple-a basic beat and a few subdivisions. Sure, the combinations are endless, but how difficult could it possibly be? Could we be so lucky that it falls into the category of “All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten?” A string player starts his musical .... More »
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Royal Opera House 2014 - 2015 season details + MORE

Taken direct from the ROH website without editing, here are the 2014-15 season details. No real surprises, except in the excellent formatting. All operas, including dates and casts, on the same page. By far the best of any season announcement so far this year.  Have they been reading our whinging? .... More »
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The LSO in World War I: Harry Jackson + MORE

In the second of our series of blogs remembering the service of LSO members in World War I we tell the story of horn player Harry (Harold) Jackson. “Sympathetic reference was made in regard to those members of the Orchestra whom had joined His Majesty’s Forces, viz: Messrs WH Reed, Phil.... More »

The world oldest active conductor, at 97?

– www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc

Message received: My father, Edward Simons who lives in Rockland County NY has been conducting the Rockland Symphony since 1952 and he has a young people’s concert tomorrow. He will be 97 on 2/1/14. Someone told me they googled him and he’s the oldest active conductor in the country or the world but I wasn’t […]

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A song at twilight

– parterre.com

A song at twilightYes, you’ve heard it already, but you might as well have an official place to talk about it: Marina Poplavskaya goes on tonight in Les Vêpres siciliennes at the Royal Opera House. But wait, there’s more.
Given the level of interest in this production, La Cieca thinks it would be fun to gather the parterre clan for a viewing of the HD of Vêpres here in New York on Sunday, November 24 at Symphony Space…

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Stradivarius played by owner Min-Jin Kym - videoViolinist Min-Jin Kym plays Beethoven on her 1696 violin, Stradivarius, estimated to fetch more than £2m when it goes for auction in December

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Ivan Fischer’s Opera ‘The Red Heifer’ Addresses PrejudiceThe Budapest Festival Orchestra’s premiere of “The Red Heifer,” an opera by Ivan Fischer, serves as a response to a recent rise in anti-Semitism in Hungary.    

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Chicago Sun-Times: "Overdue Chicago premiere of ‘Troubled Island’ a triumph"

Grant Still (1895-1978) is profiled at AfriClassical.com, which
features a comprehensive Works List by Prof. Dominique-René de
Lerma, http://www.CasaMusicaledeLerma.com Recordings, sheet music
and books of William Grant Still are available at
www.WilliamGrantStill.com, which is operated by the composer’s
daughter Judith Anne Still (Photo is the sole property of William Grant Still Music,
and is used with permission)]

South Shore Opera Company baritone Kirk Walker portrays Dessalines in the
South Shore Opera Company production of “Troubled Island”

Sergio A…

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5 questions to Elena Dubinets (new music scholar, artistic advisor for Seattle Chamber Players)A champion of contemporary and experimental music, Seattle-based scholar Elena Dubinets balances her own research with a busy schedule as an artistic advisor and festival presenter. The author of several publications, including Made in the USA: Music is What Sounds Around (on American experimental music) and an upcoming book on Russian contemporary composers, Dubinets is also the Vice President of Artistic Planning for the Seattle Symphony and artistic advisor for the Seattle Chamber Players (SCP)…

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Catching up with a week’s worth of reviews. I had two red-letter nights this week: what may be my favorite appearance by the Mariinsky Orchestra and Valery Gergiev, playing three full ballet scores by Stravinsky, on Monday night, and, on Friday, a deliciously daring “what-if” performance by Opera Lafayette proposing Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte” as an opéra-comique…

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Symphony guide: Peter Maxwell Davies' 1stMax’s first symphony is shot through with the presence of the sea and his isolated Orkney home. This is music that seethes and churns and shimmers and glowsThis was a surprise. One of the most iconoclastic British composers of his generation, whose music had made Mad Kings rave and rage, who had made music theatre for a nude Antichrist and parodied the sacred cows of British institutions, who had made popular culture part of his creative mélange of influences, and who had rejected romanticism and English pastoralism for hard-edged dissonance and modernist-medievalist objectivity: Peter Maxwell Davies wasn’t supposed to be in the business of writing symphonies in the 1970s…

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Learning to Listen: Symphonie Fantastique

– minnesota.publicradio.org

Hector Berlioz wrote his first symphony, called Symphonie Fantastique, in 1830. It is considered the first Romantic symphony.

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Sir Henry Wood has given these two splendid unattributed anecdotes about the quixotic composer Dame Ethel Smyth. It needs no commentary to understand the humour of the situation; however I have given a couple of footnotes to explain the details. ‘I think I must have played practically everything Dame Ethel Smyth has written-certainly everything that can be performed in a concert-hall…

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Would the Real Shostakovitch Please Stand UpThe 15th symphony is a strange piece. When you consider that it was written in 1971, there are huge passages that seem unaware of other developments in music, or maybe he just ignored them. When you consider the restrictions that Shostakovitch endured during his lifetime in terms of travel and exposure to the outside world, it’s hardly surprising that it is a strange piece…

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Mr. Muhly, just 32, is the youngest composer ever commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera.    

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Piedmont Opera To Stage First Dutchman In Its History

Indeed, not only its first Dutchman but first Wagner drama. A production of the Dutchman by Steven LaCosse, that first saw its premiere with the Princeton Opera Festival earlier this year. Full details below.

The Flying Dutchman

October 25th at 8:00 pm, 27th at 2:00 pm and 29th at 7:30 pm, 2013

Jake Gardner: The Dutchman

Carter Scott: Senta

Jason Wickson: Erik

Brian Banion: Daland

More Details: Piedmont Opera

An interview with James Allbritten, Piedmont Opera’s artistic director, about the production, can be found by clicking here…

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