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Une étoile est née + MORE

Born on this day in 1684 Catherine I of Russia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9oQR-y1w9o Born on this day in 1843 novelist Henry James http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHkDiOxSQIE Born on this day in 1891 composer Sergei Prokofiev http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke8AVv6iuvQ Born on this da.... More »
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The LSO in World War I: Harry Jackson + MORE

In the second of our series of blogs remembering the service of LSO members in World War I we tell the story of horn player Harry (Harold) Jackson. “Sympathetic reference was made in regard to those members of the Orchestra whom had joined His Majesty’s Forces, viz: Messrs WH Reed, Phil.... More »
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Haydn in plain sight + MORE

The operas of Franz Josef Haydn are seldom presented in the great opera houses of the world, but then, they weren’t composed for the great opera houses of his own world. Esterháza is a country house with a 400-seat theater; Haydn was on staff and on call. He had a troupe of singers and musicians .... More »

Violin defeats male oppression + MORE

Locked in mortal combat, a violinist prevails against the might of a full orchestra and its slashing fortissimo chords..... More »

Dennis Kamakahi, Hawaiian Renaissance Songwriter, Dies at 61 + MORE

Mr. Kamakahi, a Grammy Award-winning virtuoso of the slack-key guitar tradition, composed roughly 500 songs, many of which have become beloved standards in Honolulu..... More »

Feeling His Way

– www.seenandheard-international.com

 Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Liszt. Vitaly Pisarenko (piano) The Keyboard Charitable Trust at the Teatro Ghione, Rome.  19.01.2014  (JB) It’s always a pleasure to attend a recital promoted by the London based, Keyboard Charitable Trust.  Almost without exception, in the last twenty years the Trust has introduced us to a series of outstanding young pianists who have […]

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The Bald Soprano

– mixedmeters.com

The Bald SopranoI was a junior in high school when I discovered absurdity. I understood absurdity immediately because it reflected my life so perfectly.  Absurdity kicked me down the road of being a creative artsy type and it continues to have a strong pull on me to this day.  Thanks, absurdity, old buddy…

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School Spotlight highlights outstanding Minnesota school- and student-music ensembles during the academic year. This week, we feature Wayzata High School's Concert Choir and Chamber Orchestra.

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Hint: yep. I went to see the simply fabulous Fascinating Aida and have jotted down some thoughts for my Amati Soapbox. http://www.amati.com/articles/1057-having-a-hoot-at-the-qeh.html

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Habit, forming

– parterre.com

Habit, formingI’ve always had a fondness for Giacomo Puccini’s Suor Angelica and apparently so did he, since he often referred to it as “among the finest of my children.”  Not only does it boast an excellent libretto by Giovacchino Forzano but the superior craftsmanship of the composer in his later years leads to an abundance of melody and some very individual orchestral writing…

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J. S. Bach Ciaconna/Chaconne

– www.violinist.com

By Simon Streuff: After coming home from teaching, I read about Claudio Abbados death. It was the fist time, I was moved to tears about the death of someone I never saw in person. I can imagine how unbelievable nice he must have been as a collegue and fellow musician. When I see orchestras playing with him I see in their eyes, that they trust him and follow him and he doesn’t lead them with rigid force…

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Falling for Kate Soper’s Sirens’ Songs at Dixon Place TheaterThere are many things one might say – would, in fact, want to say – about Morningside Opera’s production of Here Be Sirens, an enthralling new opera by composer and soprano Kate Soper showing at Dixon Place Theater in New York City. The fact that no one superlative seems to suffice is testament to how human a work Soper has managed to create about characters who, essentially, are not human…

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The Italian/EU flags have been lowered at Teatro alla Scala’s austere facade today in remembrance of Claudio Abbado, the Milanese…

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Wagner, Mahler and Shostakovich all sound like film musicIn a typically thoughtful contribution to my post Why not play the premier league composers more often? Richard Bratby – who is professionally involved in classical music – mused “speaking solely from my own experience – there is a very noticeable falling-off in ticket sales when a symphony orchestra programmes pre-Beethoven repertoire, irrespective of the quality of the performance or the music, or the energy with which it is marketed…

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Classical music as a journey of joy and self-discoveryThe West has discovered how to tap so many powerful sources of energy in nature but still remains largely unaware of the tremendous force, even more powerful than nuclear energy, contained within each of us. As long as this powerful internal energy lies undiscovered, our life is doomed to the mental and emotional pressures so characteristic of our age…

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Call for Pianists: Music Theater Bavaria, July 4-August 3 2014Last summer was the first year that Music Theater Bavaria ran collaborative piano internships for their opera and musical theater programs. I sent one of my students and was glad that other Collaborative Piano Blog readers were able to go as well. For 2014, program coordinator (and Ole Miss faculty member) Amanda Johnston has reworked some of the programs to increase the opportunities available for collaborative pianists in the program…

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After an impressive 21-year-run as a soap opera star, Alison Sweeny is saying goodbye to “Days of Our Lives.”

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The two audio/visual compositions by Ingram Marshall (composer) and Jim Bengston (photographer) included on a recent surround-sound DVD release from Starkland, the artists offer an especially effective marriage of these two realms. Taken together, they arrive like a series of postcards relaying vivid, complex impressions of places—perhaps sent by residents now long gone.

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