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Why it’s great being matched to the right guitar tutor by us:

1. Be paired with the ideal Andover guitar tutor—no charge!

We’ll put skilful care into matching you with the Andover guitar tuition that will best accommodate your preferences.

2. Your own personal learning programme

Your experienced Andover guitar teacher will tailor a lesson programme especially for your needs. Study electric guitar or acoustic guitar—or both (why not!) Learn by either guitar tabs and chords, or by reading music.

3. The Stars & Catz team will handle the boring legwork and chasing around for you.

You do not need to call any teachers or wait for people to return your calls. Simply leave it with us and we will go through our matching process and then let you know when we have located the teacher you’re searching for. We will then have them call you in person.

4. Learn in your own home or in a local studio.

Have guitar tutoring without the problem of travel. Study at your house in Andover with a knowledgeable, patient and understanding guitar tutor. Otherwise, if you want, you’ll be able to have guitar tuition in the studio of a nearest tutor, and get the most from the special environment they’ve built.

(Take note: because of popularity, home instruction might not always be offered.)

5. Zero finder’s costs or obscure charges—never.

There won’t be any extra charges. All you pay for are your guitar classes at the normal rate of the tutor.

6. Never any lock-in commitments or contracts.

To be honest, setting up guitar lessons in Andover shouldn’t feel like tax season!

7. Have sufficient practical music theory to demystify the guitar.

But not so much that your tuition seems like a Masters in Music Theory (yuck).

8. Study complete songs

Get entire songs... not just separate bits. Who wants a verse when the chorus?

9. Quick and easy improvement

Get results rapidly and without difficulty—and have lots of fun!

10. Play those pieces or types of music that you’d love to learn.

Maybe it was a lovely section of classical guitar that first caught your attention. Perhaps it was one of those ‘80s electric guitar solos or maybe Johnny Cash style picking on an acoustic guitar. It doesn’t matter how large that challenge is... you won’t fail during your private guitar tuition.

11. Train your ear and learn to improvise without a music sheet anywhere, anytime!

Confidence development and offering you helpful theory are important elements of the Andover guitar tuition. Consider being the person called in by a mate to improvise the electric guitar for his band’s performance in the evening. Or how about taking your acoustic guitar to a BBQ and being in position to form an impromptu duet with a friend who did the same. Marvellous.

12. Master correct technique from lesson one and avoid those bad habits.

There aren’t any ‘how-to’ textbooks or online videos that even come close to on the spot help and advice from your Andover guitar tutor, in your own personalised guitar coaching. Are you aware that the techniques for electric guitar are very different than those for acoustic guitar? Additionally, the way to play a classical guitar is different again. This is exactly why it’s important to get the proper support with a teacher who really knows what they’re doing.

13. Our tutors can offer any level

You may be a new comer to the instrument and on the search for guitar lessons for beginners or perhaps you are an intermediate or advanced student already. Whatever your level, we’ll be in a position to assist you in your search.

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Choosing the tutor who will be ideal for you

1. teacher screening

You should know right up front, we’re pretty choosy about the kind of Andover guitar teacher we accept into our network.

You may label us pernickety (don’t you think that word’s marvellous?) but we absolutely insist that every guitar teacher registered with us can provide high quality guitar courses.

2. We know our teachers

We make sure we get to know each and every guitar teacher in the Stars & Catz network personally. It’s not really a hard thing to do—we find that Andover folk are rather likable!

Secondly, it’s very important for us to know every Andover guitar teacher well, so we also know their areas of expertise, their approach to teaching, their inspirations, and more.

All this means great guitar lessons for you.

3. We take time to get to know you, too

Before we begin matching you with the best guitar teacher, we make the time to record exactly what you’re looking for out of your Andover guitar lessons.

What excites you? Do you want electric guitar lessons or perhaps acoustic guitar lessons? Potentially neither, maybe it is classical guitar you are looking for.

The details we add to your enquiry will act as specific guides while we choose the teacher who best meets your requirements. And yes, you guessed it, this means great guitar lessons for you as well!

4. We follow up after lesson one

Lastly, it will be time to begin your Andover guitar lessons! The first lesson is often a very exciting meeting, where rapport is established between you and your guitar teacher.

From this point on, you will be all set to go. We’ll be in touch following your lesson to find out how you went. Now if, for some reason, your initial guitar lesson is not what you were expecting, we’ll do our best to fix any problems and ensure your guitar lessons are everything you hoped for.

More information about Stars & Catz

1. Why we’re the experts

At Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, we talk to lots of tutors, students and parents. Even though each circumstance differs from the others, the more people we chat to, the more knowledge we’re able to gain into what music teachers and students are actually attempting to find.

The Stars & Catz tutor matching service is cost-free, and helps lots of parents to discover the teacher they’re in need of.

Imagine, for instance, that you’re looking for guitar classes in Andover. All you need to do is phone us or complete an online enquiry, and a member of our team will carefully sort through our comprehensive network of tuition professionals until we’ve completed your search for guitar lessons in Andover. Leave it with us, and a member of our staff will get back to you within the advertised deadline. It goes without saying, you will need to tell us some more things including when exactly you would like the tuition to be and whether you’d want to learn at home (where offered) or the tutor’s studio room.

Our staff do all the hard work for you, and the only thing you spend money on will be the lessons. Not any finder’s charge, never any agency commission fees, absolutely no additional service fee, not a thing. Easy? Totally!

2. Why everyone loves us

In this time-scarce world, we’re discovering that more and more people really appreciate the fact that when we search for a music teacher, Stars & Catz perform all the legwork for free. We’re a nationwide network of quality private music tutors and music academies, so we’re well placed to locate the tutor you are after.

It works this way: as an example, let’s say you’ll be trying to find a guitar teacher in Andover. You simply get in touch with our team and tell us what you’re looking for, as well as when you would want the classes to be and whether you’d prefer them to take place in a tutor’s studio room or your own home (when offered). We then browse our database of available guitar teachers in Andover and reply with our progress inside the specified time period. You really don’t need to do a thing more than that. Even better—the matching services are free!

If we’ve discovered a music teacher who matches the necessary needs, you can begin the tuition immediately. All that you spend on are the actual lessons. There aren’t agency charges or commissions. If we’ve been unsuccessful in the search, you haven’t thrown away your time or money, however in most cases we can locate the best suited tutor, which is almost certainly why people love us!

3. Our follow-up, suite of tools and Newsletter

Here at Stars & Catz, our commitment to helping you conquer your music dreams is why we do not just end off once we’ve completed your search for guitar classes in Andover. Our staff members email each student following their initial class to make sure that it went according to plan, and we have several excellent music resources available to anyone who is interested. You actually do not need to be a Stars & Catz tutor or student to take advantage of what we offer!

To start with, there is the Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network newsletter. It’s an email brimming with all the most up-to-date news, price cuts and free things that relate to anybody who is learning an instrument (and this includes the human voice!) It’s one of the must-have newsletters, seeing that we are constantly looking for cheap deals for parents and students—and as we see them, we give them on to our mailing list.

Next we have our suite of music resources and tools—a comprehensive online resource for all our students and anyone who submits an enquiry through our website. The suite is simply a huge collection of apps, tools and free lessons for students. It features a large range of things, from sheet music to inspiring videos, interviews and a lot more. The suite is the place to stay informed with the music scene and immerse yourself in exactly what you want to, to help keep your commitment strong for your guitar lessons in Andover.

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1. Will trying to find guitar lessons using Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network connect me to the highest quality professionals?

Yes. That is mainly because we’re a network, not an agency. We get the finest tutors because our ‘network’ status means that, unlike agencies, we don’t take a percentage from class payments you make to the tutor.

High-quality teachers appreciate this. Successful, expert music tutors would never pay 20% or 30% out of every class payment to a 3rd party. (Who can blame them!)

That’s precisely why the Stars & Catz network is filled up with happy, successful tutors, and that is the reason trying to find guitar tuition in Andover via Stars & Catz will take you straight to them.

2. I want to pursue a certain genre. Are you able to aid in that?

Often a learner will have been inspired to learn by a specific genre of music or perhaps a certain musician or writer. For you it might have been jazz guitar or maybe rock, pop or country music of a particular decade. Whatever your specific passion is, we can hone in on teachers who meet your dreams.

3. How can I be sure your guitar classes are going to be high quality?

We will not allow just any individual to be a part of our teacher network.

We ensure that we get to know each music tutor beforehand, and diligently screen for appropriate qualifications such as a degree or diploma and experience. You may feel confident that if we’re performing your search for guitar classes in Andover we’re only talking to seasoned and top notch professionals.

4. Is it True that it’s free to seek for guitar tutoring via Stars & Catz?

In a word, yes.

The special working relationship we have got with the tutors and schools in our community allows us to put their time into your guitar tuition in Andover enquiry without ever charging you for the process.

All you pay for would be the actual lessons, not one thing extra. We will not add anything onto the rates of the teacher, and you will not uncover any added agency or finder’s fees squirreled aside anywhere (because they’re simply not there!)

5. What will be the frequency of the tuition?

We leave this up to you. Weekly lessons are normally advised however if you would prefer fortnightly sessions then that’s fine. For anyone who require a more intensive programme, like lessons over a summer break or perhaps a short yet frequent routine prior to an important performance, that can also be accommodated.

6. Could I track down guitar tutoring for a group?

Absolutely, our guitar classes in Andover can support groups, as long as your complete group has already been formed. Our service will not include adding new students straight into established groups.

7. What about guitar tutoring and gift vouchers?

If you would like to seek out guitar tuition in Andover as a present for a person, please be aware the least quantity of lessons available for a present is five.

8. I want to find guitar tuition for adults. Would that be doable?

No issue. If you are an adult, hunting for guitar classes in Andover for yourself, you have found the best place. All of our private tutors are experienced in teaching adults.

9. Are you able to help me to locate a guitar teacher for my CHILD?

Naturally! More and more research comes out each year about the benefits of studying music for children. We are pros in finding the right guitar teachers for kids in Andover because we know about the experience of our teachers in regards to instructing children.

10. I am trying to find guitar tutoring for a specific exam board. Can you help me?

Absolutely we will. What you need to do is note the examination body as part of the search specifications when you enquire about guitar classes in Andover and we’ll ensure that the tutor we find for you offers that particular exam board. The most common exam boards which our tutors offer include: Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM.

11. Exactly what are the charges for guitar tuition?

Dependent upon the individual academy or private tutor we match you with, prices may vary. As a basic guide, the average price is somewhere between £15 to £20 for 30 minutes and £25 to £35 for the hour.

To make certain your lessons are affordable, you are able to put a cap to the class price as part of your search specifications, and we will give you a specific answer after we’ve completed your search for guitar lessons in Andover.

12. When are guitar lessons available?

Why don’t we put that another way. Exactly when are you normally available? Once we know this, we’ll ensure it’s an integral part of the requirements when a member of our staff is doing your guitar classes in Andover search.

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