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Why people love being matched to the right guitar tutor by Stars & Catz:

1. We will locate the best guitar lessons in Brighton—totally free!

Our team will put knowledgeable care into matching you with the Brighton guitar tuition that will best accommodate your specific needs.

2. Personalised tuition.

Your Brighton guitar classes will be tailor-made to your exact requirements. Learn electric or acoustic guitar—or both equally (why don’t you!) Learn using either guitar tab and guitar chords, or by reading musical notation.

3. We’ll do the legwork and chasing tutors for you.

You do not have to call any teachers or wait for people to return your calls. Just leave it in our hands and we will do our matching process and then let you know when we have found the teacher you are looking for. We will then have them call you in person.

4. In-home or local studio lessons.

Enjoy guitar lessons from your house with a patient, professional and understanding guitar tutor. Or, if you prefer, you can learn in the studio of a local guitar teacher, and enjoy the benefits of the teaching environment they’ve made. Our network incorporates both studio based and peripatetic educators.

(Note: because of high demand, in-home lessons may sometimes be unavailable.)

5. No agency expenses or concealed expenses—never.

There won’t be extra charges. All that you spend on are the guitar lessons at the normal rate of the tutor.

6. Never any long term commitments or arrangements.

Because organising guitar lessons should never feel like re-financing a loan!

7. Understand enough basic theory to simplify the guitar.

But not so much that your tuition feels like a Doctorate in Theory (yuck).

8. Study complete songs

Be able to play complete songs... not separate pieces.

9. Rapid and easy results

Get results quickly and easily—and have a great time!

10. Play those pieces or types of music that inspired you to start.

Maybe it was an impressive piece of classical guitar which initially caught your curiosity. Perhaps it had been those ‘80s electric guitar solos or else Johnny Cash style picking on an acoustic guitar. No matter how big that task is... you won’t fall short during your private guitar tuition.

11. Train your ear and improvise without sheet music any time!

Confidence development and providing you beneficial music theory are key elements of your Brighton guitar tuition. Think of being the one called on by a mate to improvise the electric guitar for his band’s show that night. Or consider taking your acoustic guitar to a BBQ and being able to make a makeshift duo with a relative who did the same. Impressive.

12. Master correct techniques from the word go and steer clear of common mistakes.

The fact is, there are simply no ‘self-learning‘ books or online videos that could ever compare with real-life help from your Brighton guitar tutor, in your own personally tailored guitar coaching. Are you aware that the techniques for electric guitar are very different than those suitable for acoustic guitar? In addition to that, the way to play a classical guitar is really different again. Therefore you must acquire the proper support from a teacher who really knows what they’re doing.

13. Our teachers can offer all levels

You might be a new comer to the instrument and searching for guitar lessons for beginners or maybe you are an intermediate or advanced student already. No matter your level, we’ll be able to help you in your search.

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Picking the teacher who’s perfect for you

1. tutor screening

First and foremost, we’re pretty fussy in regards to the calibre of Brighton guitar tutor we place our students with.

You may label us pernickety (don’t you think that word’s fabulous?) but we really do make sure that each guitar teacher in our team can provide the highest quality guitar courses.

2. We know our teachers

We spend time getting to know each and every guitar teacher in the Stars & Catz network personally. After all, it’s not a chore—we have to admit that Brighton folk are particularly likable sorts!

Further to that, it’s paramount for us to know every single Brighton guitar tutor well, so we’re in tune with their particular skills and expertise, their chosen way of teaching, their own personal motivations, and more.

All this means great guitar lessons for you.

3. We make sure we get to know you, too

Before we begin work on finding you the best guitar teacher, we ask you a few questions to understand exactly what you want from Brighton guitar lessons.

What excites you? Would you like electric guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons? Perhaps neither of the two, maybe it’s classical guitar you have in mind.

The details we add to your enquiry will act as important guides to aid us find the teacher who’s best suited to your requirements. And yes, you guessed it, this means great guitar lessons for you as well!

4. We contact you after the first lesson

What’s next? Your Brighton guitar lessons! Your very first lesson is usually a very exciting meeting, in which rapport is established between you and your guitar tutor.

From there, you’ll be well on the road. We’ll get in touch with you following your lesson to work out if it was successful. If, for whatever reason, that first guitar lesson is not satisfactory, a member of our team will step in to fix any probs and make certain your guitar lessons are everything you require.

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More information about Stars & Catz

1. Why we’re the experts

Here at Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, we speak to a great deal of tutors, students and parents of students. While every case is different, the more individuals we communicate with, the better insight we’re able to gain into what teachers and students are actually looking for.

Our tutor matching service is completely free, and helps loads of people discover the teacher they’re in need of.

Let’s say, as an example, that you’re in search of guitar lessons in Brighton. What you need to do is give us a call or fill in an internet enquiry, and we’ll carefully look through our comprehensive network of teaching professionals until we’ve completed your search for guitar tutoring in Brighton. Leave it with us, and a member of our staff will get back to you within the stated amount of time. Needless to say, you’ll have to let us know some extra details for instance when you need the tutoring to be and if you would wish to learn inside your home (where possible) or the teacher’s studio room.

We carry out all of the hard work on your behalf, and all you pay money for are the tuition. Absolutely no finder’s charge, zero agency fees, never any extra service cost, not anything. Straightforward? Of course!

2. What’s the benefit to you?

There is absolutely everything in it for you with Stars & Catz. You are going to get a small team of individuals working on your behalf, devoted to matching you with the music tutor you’ve always dreamt of. Free of charge. Absolutely, our service is entirely free of charge—no agency fees, no commissions to pay for, not a thing on top. All you spend money on are the classes.

To illustrate, let’s say you were looking for guitar lessons in Brighton. All you need to do is enquire with us and let us know the things you’re in need of. We then carefully survey our network to find a guitar tutors in Brighton who satisfies your specifications. As you might imagine, we’ll have to find out as much about the things you’re in search of as is practical, including when you might like the tuition to be and if you will have a preference for home tuition (when offered) or tutoring within a music tutor’s studio room.

If we help you find a teacher—excellent. You have not spent a thing for our service and your (or your children’s) musical journey awaits. If we are actually unsuccessful in discovering a music tutor who satisfies your criteria, at the minimum you’ve had a pleasant interaction with a nice person who has undertaken the research on your behalf free of cost. Amazing! Nothing at all to lose. Now, don’t hesitate another second! Let us help you get the process started right now.

3. How would you like something for nothing?

Making an enquiry with Stars & Catz is your ticket to a load of fantastic freebies. Whether we end up connecting you with a music tutor or we don’t wouldn’t even matter—as soon as you enquire, you’re going to be in!

So what precisely will you receive absolutely free?

To start, there is the e-newsletter. We’ll be mailing this to you from time to time, when we find related and inspiring news to tell you. The aim of the newsletter is also to forward to you any brilliant specials or markdowns that we know about. Our company is continually keeping watch for really great promotions for music students and the moment we locate them, we will pass them to our subscriber list.

In addition, enquiring with Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network will get you entry to our suite of resource and tools. This is our mega online resource for students. If you’re going to be learning music, there’ll be tools here for you, for sure. The suite contains everything from basic sheet music to music clips of world-class shows and inspirational interviews with the planet’s finest performers.

So if you are a budding musician, it is obvious that you won’t have to do much to receive an awful lot of top support from Stars & Catz. Have fun.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Will seeking out guitar tuition using Stars & Catz connect me with the very best professionals?

Certainly. That’s mainly because we’re a network, not an agency. We attract the very best tutors because our ‘network’ status means that, in contrast to agencies, we don’t capture a commission out of the class payments you make to your tutor.

Quality tutors appreciate this. Successful, premium tutors would simply not pay 20 or 30 percent out of each tuition payment to a third party. (You can’t blame them!)

That is the reason why the Stars & Catz network is filled with happy, successful music teachers, and that is exactly why trying to find guitar tuition in Brighton via Stars & Catz will get you straight to them.

2. I want to pursue a certain genre. Can you help with that?

Sometimes a learner will have been inspired to learn by a particular style of music or maybe a particular artist or composer. In your case it may have been jazz guitar or maybe rock, pop or country music of a particular decade. Whatever your particular love is, we will hone in on tutors who match your dreams.

3. How can I know the guitar lessons are going to be high quality?

We do not allow just anyone to be a part of the Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network.

We make certain we get acquainted with each teacher beforehand, and carefully screen for suitable certificates such as a degree or diploma and working experience. You may feel certain that if we are doing a search for guitar classes in Brighton we’re only speaking with experienced and quality professionals.

4. Is it True that it’s free to find guitar lessons with Stars & Catz?


The special working relationship we’ve developed with the private music tutors and academies in the Stars & Catz network permits us to concentrate on your guitar tutoring in Brighton enquiry without charging you for the work time.

All you spend on will be the actual classes, not a single thing more. We do not put anything on the fees of the tutor, and you won’t find any extra agency or finder’s costs squirreled aside anywhere (because they’re just not there!)

5. What will be the frequency of the lessons?

We leave this up to you. Weekly classes are typically recommended but if you would prefer fortnightly sessions then that is fine. For students who require a more intensive course, such as classes over a summer holiday or possibly a short yet frequent timetable prior to an important performance, that can also be accommodated.

6. May I track down guitar tutoring for a group?

Yes, our guitar tutoring in Brighton can accommodate groups, as long as the entire group has already been formed. The Stars & Catz matching service will not include adding new students straight into existing groups.

7. What about guitar tutoring and gift vouchers?

If you’d like to locate guitar tutoring in Brighton as a present for a person, please be aware the least quantity of lessons available for a gift is 5.

8. I would want to track down guitar classes for adults. Would this be possible?

Easy. If you are an adult, looking for guitar classes in Brighton for yourself, you have found the best place. Stars & Catz private teachers are well experienced in teaching adult students.

9. Can you help me to get a guitar tutor for my CHILD?

Certainly! More research comes out each year about the advantages of learning music for kids. We are professionals in finding the best guitar teachers for kids in Brighton because we know about the experience of our teachers regarding instructing kids.

10. I am in need of guitar lessons for a certain curriculum. Can you assist me?

Indeed we can. All you need to do is include the syllabus as a part of the search specifications when you enquire about guitar tuition in Brighton and we can make certain that the tutor we identify for you can offer that particular examination board. The most common examination boards which our educators offer include: Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM.

11. What exactly are the prices for guitar lessons?

According to specific music academy or music teacher we match you to, prices can change. As a general guide, the average price is around £15 to £20 for 30 minutes and £25 to £35 for 60 minutes.

To ensure that your lessons are affordable, you can actually put a cap on the lesson price within your enquiry criteria, and we will provide you with a precise answer after we’ve finished your search for guitar lessons in Brighton.

12. When exactly are guitar classes available?

Let’s put that another way. When exactly are you usually available for lessons? Once we know this, we will make certain that is an element of our guidelines when we’re performing your guitar lessons in Brighton search.

13. What if I have to locate guitar tutoring to obtain a one-off lesson?

We’re unable to assist you with this situation regrettably. We’re not able to go through our completely free matching process for guitar classes in Brighton when you only want a single class.

14. What if I’m needing advanced guitar classes?

It is true: you’re never too good to stop learning. Many advanced and even professional artists turn to the Stars & Catz matching process to locate the most appropriate guitar tutoring in Brighton for their needs.

We are informed about which Stars & Catz music tutors are capable of getting learners to Diploma level and beyond, plus which particular music genres they are specialists at and their personal experience as musicians.

15. Might I look for guitar tuition for someone with special needs?

From time to time we have been asked, with regards to guitar tutoring in Brighton if we have got teachers which might be able to care for students with special needs or learning difficulties.

Speaking broadly, yes we do, however we would really need to speak to the Stars & Catz Brighton music tutors on a case by case basis.

16. What’s the precise address of the guitar classes?

We aren’t able to answer this one unless a team member has completed our matching service!

There are a handful of reasons for this. Sometimes we have a tutor or school inside your suburb who matches your specifications, or else it could be that there’s a very good travelling music tutor who offers in-home lessons in your location and will be suitable for your criteria.

The only way to supply an answer on this is to collect all the details we require in order to carry out your search for guitar lessons in Brighton.

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