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Why you’ll love being matched to the right voice teacher by us:

1. We will help you find the best London singing tuition—for nothing!

We will put skilful care into matching you to the London singing tuition that will best accommodate the needs you have.

2. Personalised lessons.

Your experienced London voice teacher will create a lesson programme for your specific needs. Perhaps you want to learn to read music, or maybe you just want to focus on the practical side of vocals. With your London singing teacher by your side, you’ll be able to learn the techniques that apply to the genres or styles that you love most, as well as study your own personal idols.

3. We do all the legwork for you.

You do not have to phone the tutors or wait for anybody to respond. Just leave your enquiry with us and we’ll go through our matching procedure then contact you when we have spotted the instruction you are searching for. We’ll then get the tutor to call you personally.

4. Study in-home or in your local studio room.

Enjoy vocal lessons without leaving your house with a patient, professional and understanding voice teacher. Alternatively, you can take lessons in the studio of a local singing teacher, and make full use of the special environment they’ve made. Our network incorporates both studio based and peripatetic tutors.

(Please note: due to high demand, in-home lessons are only offered where available.)

5. No sign-up fees or extra costs—ever.

There are no added costs. The only thing you pay for are your vocal classes at the normal rate of the tutor.

6. Absolutely no lock-in commitments or arrangements.

To tell the truth, setting up London singing tuition should not seem like tax time!

7. Train your voice

Train your vocal muscles to adopt the ideal singing posture automatically. This is a key area of the London voice classes.

8. Study perfect breath use

Be coached in perfect breath control.

9. Practical theory

Build your own powerful platform of scales, phrasing and vowel production technique.

Building musical confidence and providing you with practical theory are core elements of our singing lessons.

10. Attain full connection

Head towards reliability and connection throughout your whole singing voice.

It’s the biggy for aspiring vocalists. Getting an absolutely connected voice from your depths to the highs is the ultimate goal. Your London vocal classes will teach you techniques for getting there.

11. Train your ear

Train your ear and work on perfect pitch.

Were you aware that perfect pitch is something you can actually train for? Yes it’s true, the majority of people are not born with perfect pitch. This is going to be one of the main objectives of your London voice tuition.

12. Extend your vocal range

Increase your range of notes and use your entire singing potential. You may well be amazed at the capacity your voice has once you start the London voice classes.

13. Fast and easy improvement

Advance rapidly and with no difficulty—and have fun each and every minute!

14. Study the composers, songs or varieties of music which first inspired you.

It doesn’t matter how high that mountain is, your private singing teacher will be right by your side!

15. Train your ear and jam without a music book any time!

Confidence strengthening and providing you with helpful music theory are key components of our London vocal tuition.

16. Master the proper techniques from the very outset and steer clear of bad habits.

There aren’t any instructional books or videos that even come close to in person advice and help from your London vocal tutor, in your own tailor made vocal coaching.

17. Our tutors can instruct all levels

You could be new to singing and in need of singing lessons for beginners or maybe you are an intermediate or advanced student already. Whatever your level, we’ll be in a position to help you in your search.

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Vocal Coach London: Finding the tutor who’s just right for you

1. tutor screening

Let us say right here, we’re very particular about the calibre of London singing teacher we accept into our team.

Call us pernickety (don’t you think that word’s groovy?) but we make sure that every vocal tutor we register can provide high quality vocal courses.

2. We understand our teachers

We make sure we get to know every voice coach in the Stars & Catz network personally. It’s not really any trouble—we must admit that London folk are extremely likable!

Even with that aside, it’s paramount for us to acquaint ourselves with each and every London singing teacher well, so we’re in tune (couldn’t resist!) with their areas of expertise, their approach to teaching, their own points of motivation, and more.

All this means great vocal lessons for you.

3. We get acquainted with you, too

Before we begin work on finding you the best singing teacher, we have a few minutes with you to discover exactly what you’re looking for from London vocal lessons.

The details you provide will act as essential guides in aiding us select the tutor who best meets your description. And yes, you guessed it, this means great voice lessons for as well!

4. We follow up after lesson one

Lastly, it will be time to start your London singing lessons! A student’s very first lesson is almost always an exciting time, in which understanding is built between you and your voice tutor.

From here on in, you two will be off to a flying start. A member of our team will get in touch very soon after your lesson to discover if it was successful. Now if, for some reason, your very first singing lesson is not what you’re after, we’ll look into it to resolve any problems and make certain your voice lessons aren’t held up in any way.

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More information about Stars & Catz

1. Why we’re the experts

At Stars & Catz, we work with a lot of tutors, students and parents. While each and every enquiry differs, the more people we talk with, the greater knowledge we’re able to gather about what tutors and students are truly attempting to find.

The Stars & Catz tutor matching service is 100% free, and helps a huge amount of parents to get the teacher they’re attempting to find.

Say, for example, that you’re in need of singing tuition in London. What you need to do is phone us or else fill in an online enquiry, and a member of our team will carefully sort through our considerable network of tuition professionals until we’ve completed your search for voice lessons in London. Leave it with us, and a member of our team will reply inside the stated deadline. Obviously, you would need to tell us a couple of further things for example when exactly you would like the tutoring to be and whether you’d want to learn in your own home (where offered) or the teacher’s studio.

Our team members do all of the groundwork for you, and all that you pay for will be the education. Not any finder’s charge, never any agency commissions, zero added service cost, nothing. Easy? Completely!

2. Why smart people contact us first

Given the choice of trying to find a singing tutor by yourself or phoning our staff to do the work on your behalf (totally free), which would you prefer? Most savvy people would agree with you. Most people don’t want to read through endless pages of web listings, speak to countless numbers of voice message services and invest a considerable amount of avoidable effort!

Here at Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, we carry out all the searching for you, and that’s why music students and parents of music students are always delighted once they find out about the service we supply. As soon as we understand what you will be wanting to find—let’s say, for example, voice lessons in London—our team members will be able to search through our entire database of music teaching professionals to find out if we’ve got available singing tutors in London who meet your requirements.

Naturally, we’ll need to find out specifics like when you’d prefer the tuition to be and whether you’d favour local studio or home tuition (where available). After you’ve left your prerequisites with our team, we’ll reply to you inside the stipulated length of time with search results. This service is free for students. There are no agency costs or commissions—all you pay for will be the lessons themselves.

If we successfully discover a music tutor, tuition may start very quickly. And if we do not, just know that with our constantly-expanding community, we could have the right tutor in the very near future. Whichever way, you are able to leave the researching to our staff members, and play it smart!

3. Why enquiring with us gives you more

Simply by submitting an enquiry with Stars & Catz, you’re going to be entitled to loads of what we call ‘budding musician gold’. You don’t even have to be matched with a tutor to have all of these free resources. Anybody who enquires about, for example, voice classes in London, will receive the vital links to the goodies. These are:

Our e-newsletter. Our music newsletter is a juicy email that can land into your inbox once in a while. This newsletter is made to keep you up to date with anything music-related we think you will find useful, together with a ton of markdown specials and giveaways. We are perpetually hunting for all types of cheap but good music bargains, and once we come across them, we forward them on to our subscriber list.

The suite of music resources and tools. This is an online resource unlike any other, with a variety of content and tools grouped together to aid anyone studying an instrument (and yes, this includes your voice!) The suite offers you everything from sheet music to video clips of outstanding concerts.

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1. Will looking for singing lessons with Stars & Catz link me to the absolute best professionals?

Certainly. That’s due to the fact we’re a network, not an agency. We attract the top music teachers because our ‘network’ status means that, in contrast to agencies, we do not take a percentage from the tuition payments you make to your music tutor.

Quality music teachers appreciate this. Successful, seasoned tutors would prefer not to pay 20% or 30% out of each tuition payment to a third party. (We don’t blame them!)

That’s the reason why our network is filled up with happy, thriving music teachers, and that’s exactly why seeking vocal tuition in London through Stars & Catz will lead you straight to them.

2. I would like to concentrate on a particular style of music. Are you able to aid in that?

Often a learner will have been inspired to learn by a specific style of music or possibly a certain musician or composer. In your case it could have been jazz singing or possibly classical music of a certain period. Perhaps it was rock music or pop music of a certain decade. Whatever your specific passion is, we can hone in on teachers who match your dreams.

3. How can I be sure the vocal classes are going to be good?

We will not let just any individual to link up with our community.

We make sure that we know the teacher first, and diligently screen for useful certificates such as a degree or diploma and experience. You can feel certain that while we are carrying out your search for voice lessons in London we’re only speaking with skilled and quality professionals.

4. Is it True that it is free of charge to search for singing classes via Stars & Catz?

In a word, yes.

The unique working relationship we’ve developed with the tutors and private music schools in the Stars & Catz community permits our team to spend their time on your voice tuition in London enquiry without ever charging you for our process.

The only thing you cover the cost of are the classes, nothing on top. We will not put anything extra on the fees of your music tutor, and you will not discover any added agency or finder’s costs squirreled away anywhere (because they’re just not there!)

5. What will be the frequency of the tutoring?

We let you decide. Weekly classes are typically advised however if you’d like fortnightly sessions then that’s fine. For individuals who require a more intensive course, like classes over a summer break or perhaps a short but frequent routine leading up to an important performance, that can also be accommodated.

6. Could I track down voice tuition for a group?

Absolutely, our vocal tutoring in London can suit groups, as long as your entire group is already formed. Our matching service won’t include placing new students directly into pre-existing groups.

7. What about singing lessons and gifts?

If you would want to search for voice lessons in London as a gift for someone, remember that the least amount of classes available for a present is 5.

8. I need to look for voice lessons for adults. Will this be possible?

No problem. If you are an adult, interested in voice lessons in London for yourself, you have come to the right place. Stars & Catz private teachers are experienced in teaching adult students.

9. Could you help me to locate a vocal tutor for my KID?

Naturally! More and more research comes out every year about the advantages of studying music for kids. We are pros at finding the best singing tutors for kids in London because we know about the experience of our tutors in terms of teaching youngsters.

10. I am trying to find singing lessons for a certain exam board. Can you help?

Definitely we’re able to. All you need to do is specify the syllabus as a part of the search guidelines when you enquire about vocal classes in London and we’ll make sure that the tutor we locate for you can provide that exact examination board. The most common assessment boards which our teachers offer include: Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM.

11. What are the fees for voice tutoring?

Depending upon the specific music academy or music tutor we match you to, prices can change. As an average guide, the average price is somewhere between £15 to £20 for 30 minutes and £25 to £35 for the hour.

To ensure the lessons will be affordable, you can actually place a cap on the class fees with your enquiry criteria, and we can provide you a definitive answer after we’ve completed your search for voice tutoring in London.

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