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Why you’ll love being matched to the right singing tutor by Stars & Catz:

1. Be put in contact with the perfect Portsmouth vocal tutor—no charge!

We’ll put careful thought into matching you to the Portsmouth vocal teacher who’ll best meet your learning requirements.

2. Tailor made lesson plans.

Your experienced Portsmouth vocal teacher will create a lesson programme especially for you. Perhaps you want to learn to read music, or maybe you just want to focus on the practical side of vocals. With your Portsmouth vocal teacher by your side, you’ll be able to learn the techniques that apply to the genres or styles that you love most, as well as study your own personal idols.

3. We handle the legwork for you.

You do not need to phone any teachers or wait and wonder if anyone will get back to you. Simply leave it in our hands and we will go through our matching process and let you know when we’ve located the teacher you are looking for. We’ll then have them call you personally.

4. In-home and local studio lessons available.

Enjoy voice lessons without leaving your house with a professional, experienced and fun voice teacher. Or, if you’d rather, you can travel to the studio of a local vocal tutor, and draw inspiration from the learning environment they’ve made. The Stars & Catz network comprises of both studio based and peripatetic educators.

(Please note: because of high popularity, in-home lessons may not always be offered.)

5. No registration fees or concealed expenses—never.

There won’t be any added costs. The only thing you pay for are the voice classes at the normal rate of the tutor.

6. No commitments or tie-in agreements.

After all, organising voice lessons should never resemble tax time!

7. Train your vocal muscles

Train your vocal muscles to adopt the proper singing posture automatically. This is a primary part of your Portsmouth singing classes.

8. Learn perfect breath control

Be shown perfect breath control.

9. Practical theory

Build your reliable base of scales, keys and vowel technique.

Assisting you to acquire certainty and practical theory are critical to the structure of the Portsmouth singing tuition.

10. Attain full connection

Achieve consistency and connection along your entire vocal range.

Here is the big one for any aspiring artists. Developing an entirely connected range from your lows to the heights is the ultimate goal. Your Portsmouth singing classes will teach you how to get there.

11. Achieve perfect pitch

Train your ear and build perfect pitch.

Did you know perfect pitch is a thing you’re able to develop? You heard right, the majority of people are not born with perfect pitch. This will be on the list of goals of the Portsmouth voice tuition.

12. Lengthen your range

Boost your range of vocal notes to master your whole singing capacity. You’ll be singing notes you’d never imagined you could in no time.

13. Rapid and easy improvement

Progress rapidly and with ease—and have a great time!

14. Study the specific genres of music that you’d love to play.

Irrespective of how great that challenge is... you will not fall short with your private singing tuition.

15. Train your ear and jam without a music book anywhere!

Confidence growth and delivering useful music theory are key components of your Portsmouth vocal tuition.

16. Master good technique from day one and avoid common mistakes.

There aren’t any ‘how-to’ textbooks or online videos that even come close to on-the-spot help and advice from your Portsmouth voice tutor, in your customised voice coaching.

17. Our tutors can teach any level

You might be a new comer to singing and struggling to find vocal tuition for beginners or perhaps you are an intermediate or advanced student already. No matter your level, we will be happy to assist you in your search.

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Vocal Coach Portsmouth: Locating the teacher who will be just right for you

1. tutor screening

First up, we’re very particular about the kind of Portsmouth voice tutor we work with.

Some may call us pernickety (don’t you think that word’s brilliant?) but we are careful to ensure that every single vocal tutor we accept into our teaching team can provide high quality singing courses.

2. We understand our tutors

We get to know every voice coach in the Stars & Catz network personally. It’s not really a hard thing to do—we’ve always found that Portsmouth folk are particularly likable sorts!

Further to that, it’s paramount for us to know each and every Portsmouth singing teacher well, so we’re in tune (couldn’t resist!) with their specific areas of expertise, their preferred approach to teaching, their own personal inspirations, and more.

All this means great voice lessons for you.

3. We get acquainted with you, too

Before we begin work on finding you a vocal tutor, we take the time to clarify precisely what you want from Portsmouth voice lessons.

The details we record will act as specific signposts to aid us match you with the teacher who best meets your needs. And yes, you guessed it, this means great singing lessons for as well!

4. We contact you after lesson one

Now you start your Portsmouth vocal lessons! The first lesson is often an exciting affair, where rapport is established between you and your singing teacher.

From here on in, you’ll be well on the road. A member of our team will get in touch soon after your lesson to find out how you went. Now if, on the remote chance, your first singing lesson is not how you imagined it, we’ll step in to solve any probs and ensure your voice lessons are everything you require.

More information about Stars & Catz

1. Why we’re the experts

Here at Stars & Catz, we speak to loads of teachers, students and parents of students. Despite the fact that each situation is different, the more people we chat with, the greater knowledge we’re able to gather regarding what tutors and students are usually seeking.

Our tutor matching service is cost free, and helps loads of individuals get the tutor they’re needing.

Imagine, for instance, you’re attempting to find singing lessons in Portsmouth. All you need to do is call us or else fill in an online enquiry, and we’ll carefully search through our broad community of teaching pros until we’ve completed your search for singing classes in Portsmouth. Just leave it with us, and a member of our staff will get back to you inside the promised amount of time. Of course, you will have to tell us some more things for instance when you will want the tutoring to be and whether you’d want to learn at home (where possible) or the tutor’s studio room.

We carry out all the research on your behalf, and all you spend money on are the classes. Never any finder’s charge, zero agency commissions, never any added service fee, nothing at all. Trouble-free? Of course!

2. What’s the benefit to you?

There is actually everything in it for you with Stars & Catz. You can expect to have a small team of people working away for your benefit, committed to matching you with the teacher you’ve always dreamt of. Without cost. That is correct, the service is utterly free of cost—zero agency premiums, not any commissions to pay, nothing on top. The only thing you spend money on are the lessons themselves.

For example, let’s say you are seeking voice tuition in Portsmouth. All you have to do is enquire with us and let us know the things you are searching for. Then we closely review our network to find a voice tutors in Portsmouth who fits your requirements. As you might imagine, we’ll have to find out as much about the things that you’re seeking as possible, such as when you would prefer the tuition to be and whether you might wish to have in-home tutoring (when offered) or lessons within a teacher’s studio room.

If we help you find a tutor—fantastic. You have not paid a thing for our services and your (or your children’s) musical experience is ready to go. If we are actually unsuccessful in discovering a teacher who matches your preferences, at a minimum you’ve had a pleasant interaction with a charming person who’s performed all the research on your behalf free of cost. Amazing! Not a thing to lose. So don’t procrastinate another second! Let us assist you to get the ball rolling today.

3. How would you like something for nothing?

Making an enquiry with Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network is your ticket to a load of fantastic free stuff. Whether we finish up connecting you with a music teacher or we don’t won’t even matter—when you enquire, you will be in!

So what would you receive at no charge?

First off, there is the newsletter. We will be sending this to you from time to time, whenever we have related and inspiring news to tell you. The intention of our music newsletter is also to send to you any first class bargains or discount rates that we find out about. We’re continually keeping an eye out for great offers for students and the moment we find them, we will forward them through to you.

Additionally, enquiring with Stars & Catz will get you easy access to our suite of resource and tools. This is a brilliant online resource for music students. If you’re going to be studying music, there will be resources here for you, for sure. The suite features everything from basic sheet music to music video clips of fantastic performances and motivational interviews with some of the industry’s very best musicians.

So if you’ll be a budding musician, it is plain that you actually don’t have to do very much to get an awful lot of top music support from Stars & Catz. Have fun.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Will looking for singing tutoring through Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network connect me to the top professionals?

Definitely. That is because we are a network, not an agency. We get the finest tutors because our ‘network’ status means, unlike agencies, we don’t demand a commission fee from the class payments you make to the music tutor.

Quality music tutors appreciate this. Successful, certified music tutors would rather not pay 20 or 30 percent out of each class payment to a third party. (And we don’t blame them!)

This is why our network is made up of happy, thriving tutors, and that’s the reason searching for singing tuition in Portsmouth through Stars & Catz will take you directly to them.

2. I would like to concentrate on a particular style of music. Can you assist with that?

Often a learner will have been inspired to learn by a particular genre of music or maybe a specific artist or composer. In your case it might have been jazz singing or maybe classical music of a specific age. Perhaps it was rock music or pop music of a certain decade. No matter what your particular love is, we will hone in on tutors who meet your dreams.

3. How can I be sure the singing classes are going to be quality?

We don’t allow just anybody to join the Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network.

We make sure that we know each music teacher first, and carefully screen for related accreditations such as a degree or diploma and working experience. You may feel confident that if we’re carrying out the search for vocal tuition in Portsmouth we are only talking to seasoned and top notch professionals.

4. Is it True that it is cost-free to look for voice tuition through Stars & Catz?


The special working relationship we’ve developed with all the music teachers and music schools in our network permits us to put their time into your voice lessons in Portsmouth search without charging you for our work.

All you cover the cost of will be the classes themselves, not anything on top. We never add anything onto the prices of the teacher, and you will not come across any added agency or finder’s charges squirreled aside anywhere (since they are simply not there!)

5. What will be the regularity of the bookings?

We leave this up to you. Weekly classes are usually advised but if you would prefer fortnightly bookings then that is fine. For students who require a more intensive programme, like classes over a summer break or perhaps a short yet frequent timetable prior to an important performance, that can also be accommodated.

6. Could I seek out vocal tutoring for a group?

Sure, our singing tutoring in Portsmouth can entertain groups, but only if the entire group is already formed. The matching service won’t include putting new students directly into current groups.

7. How about voice lessons and gift vouchers?

If you would want to locate vocal tutoring in Portsmouth as a present for somebody, keep in mind the least amount of classes available for a present is five.

8. I would want to track down vocal classes for adults. Will this be doable?

Not a problem. If you’re an adult, seeking voice tutoring in Portsmouth for yourself, you have found the right place. Our tutors are highly experienced in helping adult students.

9. Could you help me to find a vocal tutor for my KID?

Of course! More research comes out each year regarding the benefits of studying music for children. We are professionals at choosing the best singing tutors for children in Portsmouth because we know about the experience of our tutors regarding instructing kids.

10. I am searching for voice lessons for a specific examination board. Are you able to help me?

Yes we are able to. All you need to do is include the exam body as a component of your search criteria when you enquire about vocal tutoring in Portsmouth and we can make sure that the music tutor we identify for you can help you with that exact exam board. The most typical examination boards which our educators offer include: Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM.

11. What exactly would be the rates for vocal tuition?

With regards to the specific academy or music tutor we match you to, prices vary. As an average guide, the average price is between £15 to £20 for 30 minutes and £25 to £35 for 60 minutes.

To ensure the lessons will be affordable, you’re able to put a cap of the class price in the search guidelines, and we will offer you a definitive answer after completing your search for vocal tuition in Portsmouth.

12. When are vocal lessons available?

We’ll put that another way. When are you going to be available for lessons? When we know this, we will make sure that is a part of our specifications when we are completing your voice tutoring in Portsmouth search.

13. What if I would like to seek out singing tutoring just for a single lesson?

We’re unable to assist you with this particular one unfortunately. We’re not able to complete our completely free matching process for voice classes in Portsmouth if you just require the one lesson.

14. What if I’m browsing for advanced singing tutoring?

It’s absolutely true: you are never too advanced to give up learning. A great number of advanced and even professional musicians use our matching service to seek the right voice classes in Portsmouth for their needs.

We’re familiar with which Stars & Catz tutors are prepared for taking learners to Diploma level and beyond, plus which genres they excel at and their performing history as artists.

15. Can I locate vocal classes for a person who has special needs?

Every now and then we’ve been asked, regarding singing tuition in Portsmouth whether we have got teachers who may be able to care for students who have special needs or learning difficulties.

Broadly speaking, yes we do, although we’d need to make contact with the Stars & Catz Portsmouth music teachers on a case by case basis.

16. What’s the specific address of your vocal lessons?

We cannot answer that one before a member of our team has carried out our matching process!

There are a couple of factors that cause this. Perhaps we have a tutor in your own suburb who fits your needs, or perhaps perhaps there’s a very good travelling music teacher who offers lessons in your neighbourhood and will be perfect for your enquiry.

The easiest way to present an answer about this is to get all the details we require in order to complete your search for vocal tutoring in Portsmouth.

17. How about singing classes for exams in a general sense?

Assessments are very important for many music students and parents, and it’s very common for students to ask about making their way through the levels with one of the foremost exam bodies.

We make sure we know which bodies our Portsmouth music tutors can offer and will keep our attention on that when working on your enquiry for singing lessons.

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