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Why it’s so good being matched with the right violin tutor by us:

1. We’ll locate the best suited Birmingham violin tutoring—no charge!

Our staff will put knowledgeable care into matching you with the Birmingham violin tuition that will best cater to your preferences.

2. Customised Tuition.

Your experienced Birmingham violin tutor will tailor a teaching plan to suit you. Prepare for grades with any of the major exam bodies, or play for nothing but fun. Perfect reading music or opt to play by ear. Learn classical style violin or even the Irish fiddle style. Learn classical style violin or even the Irish fiddle style.

3. We’ll deal with the legwork and all the calls for you.

You do not have to chase after the tutors or wait for anyone to get back to you. Simply leave your requirements with us and we will run through our matching process and reply when we have found the classes you are searching for. We’ll then have the tutor phone you in person.

4. Learn at home or in a local studio.

By enquiring with us, you can enjoy violin lessons without the car travel with a fun, experienced and patient violin tutor. Or, if you prefer, you can learn in the studio of a local violin tutor, and be inspired by the special environment they’ve set up. The Stars & Catz community comprises of both studio based and peripatetic tutors.

(Note: due to high demand, in-home lessons may not be available in every instance.)

5. Absolutely no finder’s expenses or secret fees—ever.

There won’t be extra rates. All that you spend on are your violin lessons at the normal rate of the tutor.

6. No commitments or lock-in contracts.

Because the process of organising violin lessons should never feel like an audit!

7. Fast and easy progression

Make improvements speedily with ease—and take pleasure in each and every minute!

8. Learn the pieces, songs or styles of music that first made you want to learn.

It doesn’t matter how great that challenge is... you will not fail in the private violin tuition.

9. Train your ear and learn to improvise without a music sheet any time!

Confidence building and providing you with practical knowledge are part of the foundation of our violin lessons.

10. Master good technique from the beginning and avoid any bad habits.

The fact is, there are simply no distance-learning books or online videos that compare with the undivided attention of your Birmingham violin teacher, in your own unique violin coaching.

11. Our tutors can offer any level

You could be new to the instrument and looking for violin lessons for beginners or maybe you are an intermediate or advanced student already. No matter your level, we’ll be ready to help you in your search.

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Selecting the tutor who is just right for you

1. teacher screening

First and foremost, we’re pretty particular in regards to the type of Birmingham violin tutor we match our students with.

Some may call us pernickety (don’t you think that word’s outstanding?) but we really do ensure that every single violin teacher we register can deliver the highest quality violin courses.

2. We know our teachers

We make sure we get to know each and every violin teacher in the Stars & Catz network personally. In fact, it’s not that hard to do—we’ve always found that Birmingham folk are rather likable!

Further to that, it’s essential for us to acquaint ourselves with every Birmingham violin teacher well, so we’re in tune with their specific skills and expertise, their chosen way of teaching, their motivations, and more.

All this means great violin lessons for you.

3. We make time to get to know you, too

Before we start the process of matching you with a violin teacher, we ask you a few questions to make note of precisely what you want from Birmingham violin lessons.

The details we add to your enquiry will act as important guidelines in helping us find the tutor who meets your description. And yes, you guessed it, this means great violin lessons for as well!

4. We contact you after the first lesson

Beginning your Birmingham violin lessons! Your very first lesson is a time of excitement, where rapport is established between you and your violin teacher.

With this done, you should be off to a roaring start. We’ll be in touch immediately following your lesson to ask how you went. If, for some reason, your initial violin lesson is not what you had in mind, a member of our team will look into it to help handle any difficulties and make sure your violin lessons continue as planned.

More information about Stars & Catz

1. How does Stars & Catz work?

You could say Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network is a tutor finding service. Or, if you happen to be a teacher, you may think it is a student finding service. No matter which way you look at it, Stars & Catz focuses on matching students with music tutors. We are a small team of individuals working with a countrywide network of top notch private music tutors and music schools, and we are devoted to enabling people fulfil their musical goals. If you are a student seeking a quality music teacher, you’ll be very happy to hear that the Stars & Catz teacher matching services are done for free.

This is how it works: say you are wanting to locate violin tutoring in Birmingham. You either give us a call and tell us, or complete an internet based enquiry form. We will need a few other details too, for example if you’d prefer to learn the violin in your home or in a local tutor’s studio room, and also when exactly you’re going to be available. Then we look through our broad community of violin lesson providers in Birmingham with your needs in mind.

If we successfully match you with a tutor, you can start whenever you want and only spend on your tutoring. Don’t forget, our matching services are free of charge, we add nothing to the tutor’s standard prices. Not any finder’s charges, zero agency commission fees, nothing extra to pay. If we are unable to locate you a teacher who matches your specific necessities, the nature of our ever-changing community will mean that your violin tutor in Birmingham could be registering any day.

2. What’s the benefit to you?

There is simply everything in it for you with Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network. You are going to have a small team of individuals beavering away for your benefit, committed to matching you with the music teacher you really want. Absolutely free. That’s right, our matching service is completely free—zero agency fees, no commissions to pay, not anything extra. All you spend money on are the lessons.

By way of example, say that you happen to be seeking violin classes in Birmingham. All you have to do is enquire with us and inform us of exactly what you’re hunting for. Then we carefully go over our network to find a violin teachers in Birmingham who fits your requirements. We’ll need to learn as much about the things that you’ll be looking for as is practical, for example when you would like the tutoring to be and whether you might favour home tuition (where available) or tutoring in a teacher’s studio room.

If we discover a tutor—marvellous. You haven’t spent anything for our service and your (or your children’s) music adventure awaits. If we have been unsuccessful in finding a teacher who fits your requirements, at the very least you’ve had a helpful interaction with a fab person who’s undertaken all of the legwork on your behalf without cost. Marvellous! Not a thing to lose. So do not wait another minute! Let Stars & Catz help you get the process started right now.

3. Why enquiring with us gives you more

Simply by submitting an enquiry with Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, you are given a great deal of what we term ‘budding musicians’ gold’. You do not even have to be connected with a tutor to have all these absolutely free resources. Anybody who enquires about, as an example, violin lessons in Birmingham, will receive the vital links to the good stuff. These are:

The newsletter. The e-newsletter is a juicy email that can reach your inbox now and then. This e-newsletter was designed to help you stay up to date with anything music-related we feel you will find appealing, in addition to a good deal of bargain specials and free stuff. We’re constantly researching all sorts of cheap but good music bargains, and whenever we identify them, we give them through to our subscriber list.

The suite of music resources and tools. It is an online resource unlike any other, with differing types of content put together that can help anybody learning a musical instrument (and yes, that includes singing!) The suite provides everything from sheet music to footage of inspiring performances.

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1. Will searching through Stars & Catz lead me to the BEST TUTORS?

Indeed. That is due to the fact Stars & Catz is a network, not an agency. We attract the best music tutors because our ‘network’ status means that, unlike agencies, Stars & Catz does not demand a commission fee out of the class payments you make to the tutor.

Quality tutors appreciate this. Prospering, professional tutors would rather not pay 20 or 30 percent out of each lesson payment to a third party. (And who can blame them!)

That’s exactly why our network is filled with happy, thriving tutors, and this is why hunting for violin lessons in Birmingham via Stars & Catz will take you straight to them.

2. I want to pursue a certain genre. Could you help with that?

Sometimes a learner will have been motivated to learn by a particular genre of music or possibly a certain musician or composer. In your case it could have been jazz violin or perhaps classical music of a certain historical period. Whatever your particular love is, we will hone in on teachers who meet your particular dreams.

3. How can I be sure the violin lessons will be high quality?

We will not allow just any individual to join our community.

We make sure that we know each teacher first, and carefully screen for relevant credentials such as a degree or diploma and experience. You may feel confident that if we’re completing your search for violin tuition in Birmingham we are only speaking to competent and top notch professionals.

4. Is it really true that it’s free of charge to look for violin classes through Stars & Catz?

Yes, 100% true.

The special working relationship we have with all the teachers and music academies in our network enables our staff to put time into your violin tutoring in Birmingham search without charging you for our work time.

The only thing you have to pay will be the lessons themselves, not a thing extra. We will not put anything extra into the fees of your music tutor, and you will not unearth any extra agency or finder’s charges squirreled away anywhere (because they’re not there!)

5. What will be the regularity of the classes?

We leave this up to you. Weekly classes are typically recommended but if you would like fortnightly classes then that’s fine. For individuals who want a more intensive course, like classes over a summer holiday or possibly a short yet frequent schedule prior to a significant performance, that can also be accommodated.

6. Might I search for violin classes for a group?

Certainly, our violin tuition in Birmingham can work with groups, as long as your complete group has already been formed. The service doesn’t include placing new students directly into pre-existing groups.

7. What about violin tuition and gift vouchers?

If you would like to find violin lessons in Birmingham as a gift for someone, you should be aware that the fewest number of classes available for a present is five.

8. I would like to track down violin classes for adults. Would that be doable?

No problem. If you are an adult, interested in violin lessons in Birmingham for yourself, you have come to just the right place. Stars & Catz music tutors are well experienced in instructing adults.

9. Could you help me to get a violin teacher for my CHILD?

Of course! More research comes out every year regarding the benefits of studying music for children. We are experts in finding the right violin teachers for children in Birmingham because we know about the experience of our tutors in terms of instructing children.

10. I’m in search of violin classes for a certain examination body. Are you able to help?

Definitely we are able to. All you need to do is add the examination body as part of your search requirements when you enquire about violin lessons in Birmingham and we will ensure that the tutor we locate for you can teach that particular exam board. The most typical assessment boards which our teachers offer include: Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM.

11. What are the fees for violin tuition?

Dependent upon the individual music academy or tutor we match you to, prices can change. As a general guide, the average price is somewhere between £15 to £20 for 30 minutes and £25 to £35 for an hour.

To ensure that the lessons will be affordable, you can easily set a limit of the class fees within your search criteria, and we will provide a clear answer after completing the search for violin lessons in Birmingham.

12. When are violin classes available?

We put that the other way round. When exactly are you usually available for classes? After we know this, we will make certain it is part of our search criteria when our staff are completing your violin lessons in Birmingham search.

13. What if I want to seek out violin classes to obtain a single class?

We can’t help you with this particular one unfortunately. We’re not able to undertake the cost free matching process for violin lessons in Birmingham when you just require one lesson.

14. What if I’m searching for advanced violin lessons?

It is true: you are never too advanced to stop learning. Lots of advanced and even professional musicians utilise the Stars & Catz matching process to search for the best violin tuition in Birmingham for them.

We are aware of which Stars & Catz music tutors are capable of taking their students to Diploma level and beyond, along with which particular music genres they specialise in along with their practical experience as musicians.

15. Could I seek out violin tuition for someone with special needs?

From time to time we’ve been asked, in regards to violin lessons in Birmingham whether there are music tutors who may be qualified to take care of students with special needs or learning difficulties.

Speaking broadly, yes we do, however we’d need to speak to the Stars & Catz Birmingham music tutors on a case by case basis.

16. What’s the exact address of the violin tuition?

We cannot answer that until we have finished our matching process!

There are a couple of reasons behind this. Maybe we have a music teacher in your own suburb who meets your necessities, or it could be that we locate an excellent travelling music teacher who offers in-home lessons in your community and will be perfect for you.

The only way to give you an answer about this is to gather all the information we need to complete your search for violin lessons in Birmingham.

17. What about violin tuition for music grades generally?

Examinations are important to many students and parents, and it is common for them to ask about stepping through the levels with one of the examination boards.

We ensure that we know which boards our Birmingham tutors can provide and will keep our focus on that when dealing with your enquiry for violin tuition.

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