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Why it’s great being matched with the right violin tutor by Stars & Catz:

1. Be paired with the best London violin tutor—without charge!

We’ll put all our knowledge into matching you to the London violin teacher who’ll best understand and cater to your learning needs.

2. Have a learning programme customised for you.

Your expert London violin tutor will create a teaching programme for your individual requirements. Get ready for examinations through one of the most popular exam organisations, or study for enjoyment. Specialise in reading music or opt to play by ear. Learn classical style violin or even the Irish fiddle style.

3. We’ll do all the legwork and hassle for you.

You don’t have to phone any teachers or wait for anyone to return your calls. Just let us do the work for you and we will go through our matching process and then let you know when we’ve found the tutor you’re looking for. We can then have them call you personally.

4. Learn in-home or at a local studio.

By enquiring with us, you can take advantage of violin education without the hassle of travel with one of our peripatetic teachers. Study inside your home in London with a knowledgeable, skilled and understanding violin tutor. Alternatively, if you’d rather, you’re able to take violin tuition from the teaching space of your nearby tutor, and make full use of the particular setting that they’ve prepared.

(Be aware: because of high levels of popularity, home tutoring may not always be an option.)

5. Zero registration fees or hidden expenses—never.

There are no agency fees. The only thing you pay for are your violin lessons at the normal rates of the teacher.

6. No long term commitments or contracts.

To be honest, booking London violin tuition should not resemble tax time!

7. Rapid and easy progression

Advance in a short time and with no difficulty—and love every single second!

8. Conquer those specific genres of music that you’d love to play.

Regardless of how large that task is... you won’t falter during your private violin tuition.

9. Train your ear and jam with no music book whenever needed!

Confidence development and providing you with simple theory are key elements of your London violin tuition.

10. Master correct technique from day 1 and avoid those bad habits.

There are no ‘how-to’ DVDs or YouTube videos that could ever compare with on-the-spot help and advice from your London violin teacher, in your own unique violin coaching.

11. Our tutors are able to offer all levels

You may be new to the instrument and struggling to find violin tuition for beginners or perhaps you are an intermediate or advanced student already. No matter your level, we’ll be ready to help you in your search.

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Finding the teacher who’s just right for you

1. tutor screening

For starters, we’re fairly picky about the kind of London violin teacher we accept into our teaching network.

We may be pernickety (don’t you think that word’s marvellous?) but we are careful to ensure that every single violin teacher we accept into our teaching network can provide high quality violin courses.

2. We know our teachers

We get to know each violin teacher in the Stars & Catz network personally. In fact, it’s not that hard to do—we must admit that London folk are very likable!

That aside, it’s absolutely paramount for us to know every single London violin teacher well, so we’re in tune (couldn’t resist!) with their particular areas of interest, their methods of teaching, their own personal loves, and much more.

All this means great violin lessons for you.

3. We get acquainted with you, too

Before we consult our all-knowing database, matching you with the perfect violin teacher, we set aside a moment to record exactly what you want out of your London violin lessons.

The details you give us will act as important signposts to help us search for the tutor who’s best suited to your requirements. And yes, you guessed it, this means great violin lessons for as well!

4. We follow up after the first lesson

Beginning your London violin lessons! A student’s very first lesson is almost always an exciting affair, where rapport is established between you and your violin tutor.

From there forward, you two will be well on your way. A member of our team will contact you not long after your lesson to find out how you went. If, by some chance, your very first violin lesson is not what you’re looking for, we’ll poke our heads in to help solve any problems and make sure your violin lessons are everything you hoped for.

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More information about Stars & Catz

1. How does Stars & Catz work?

You could say Stars & Catz is a music tutor finding service. Or possibly, if you happen to be music teacher, you may think it is a student finding service. No matter what way you see it, Stars & Catz is about matching students with music tutors. We’re a small team of people with a countrywide network of expert tutors and music schools, and we’re dedicated to enabling people carry out their very own music ambitions. If you are a student looking for the perfect music teacher, you will be thrilled to hear that our tutor matching service is totally free.

This is how it works: now, say you are wanting to find violin classes in London. You either give us a call and let us know, or fill in a website enquiry. We will need a few other details too, such as whether you would prefer to learn the violin in-home or in a local teacher’s studio room, plus when you may be available. We then review our comprehensive community of violin lesson providers in London with your prerequisites in mind.

When we successfully match you with a music teacher, you can begin when you wish and simply spend on the lessons. Don’t forget, our matching services are totally free, we add absolutely nothing to the tutor’s regular fees. Never any finder’s fees, not any agency commission rates, nothing at all on top. If we are unable to find you a tutor who meets your specific requirements, our ever-changing community means that your violin tutor in London may be joining any day.

2. Why smart people contact us first

With the choice of trying to find a violin tutor all on your own or phoning Stars & Catz to carry out all of the hard work on your behalf (for free), which would you opt for? Most shrewd people would agree with you. Most people have better things to do than pick through infinite pages of internet listings, call countless numbers of message services and generally invest a considerable amount of needless effort!

Here at Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, we perform all the researching for you, and that is why students and parents of music students are always grateful once they discover the service we provide. When we know what you’re wanting to find—say, by way of example, violin lessons in London—our staff will be able to search through our whole community of music teaching pros to discover if we’ve got available violin tutors in London who fulfil your preferences.

As expected, we’ll need to find out other things such as when you might prefer the lessons to be and whether you might favour local studio or at-home tutoring (where available). Once you’ve left your criteria with our staff, we will reply to you within the advertised period of time with your search results. Our matching service is absolutely free. There aren’t agency costs or commission fees—all you pay for will be the lessons themselves.

If we successfully find you a music tutor, classes may start very quickly. Of course, if we were unsuccessful, know that with our constantly-expanding community, we could have the right music teacher in the very near future. Both ways, you are able to leave the looking to our staff, and play it smart!

3. Our follow-up, suite of tools and Newsletter

Here at Stars & Catz, our dedication to aiding you achieve your music dreams means that we will not just vanish once we’ve completed your search for violin tutoring in London. Our staff email each and every student after their first class to ensure that it was what you’d hoped for, and we have several exceptional online resources accessible to anybody who is learning. You do not have to be a Stars & Catz tutor or student to take advantage of what we have on offer!

Firstly, there’s the Stars & Catz newsletter. It’s an email filled with the most recent music news, discounts and giveaways that relate to anyone who is studying an instrument (including the human voice!) This is one of the must-have emails, just because we are forever looking for cheap deals for students—and whenever we see them, we pass them on to you.

Then there’s our suite of music resources and tools—a fantastic online resource for our students and anybody who sends in an enquiry to us. The suite is simply a massive collection of support material for students. It offers a huge range of things, from sheet music to helpful online videos, interviews and much more. The suite is a perfect place to get up-to-date with the music community and immerse yourself in the things you want to, to keep your commitment strong for your violin lessons in London.


1. Will searching for violin classes with Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network connect me with the leading professionals?

Absolutely. That’s due to the fact we’re a network, not an agency. We get the top music teachers because our ‘network’ status means, unlike agencies, Stars & Catz does not remove a percentage from tuition payments you make to the tutor.

Good tutors appreciate this. Successful, qualified music tutors would not be interested in paying 20 or 30 percent from each class payment to a third party. (And you can’t blame them!)

That is precisely why our network is filled with happy, prospering music tutors, and that’s the reason finding violin classes in London via Stars & Catz will lead you straight to them.

2. I want to learn a specific style of music. Can you help with that?

Often a student will have been motivated to learn by a specific genre of music or possibly a certain artist or writer. In your case it may have been jazz violin or perhaps classical music of a particular period. No matter what your particular passion is, we can hone in on teachers who match your particular dreams.

3. How can I be sure the violin classes will be high-quality?

We do not let just any individual to sign up with the Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network.

We ensure that we get acquainted with each tutor beforehand, and carefully screen for applicable certification such as a degree or diploma and practical experience. You can feel certain that if we’re performing the search for violin tuition in London we are only dealing with skilled and high quality professionals.

4. Is it really true that it’s free to get violin lessons by using Stars & Catz?

In a word, yes.

The unique working relationship we have with all the tutors and music academies in the Stars & Catz community enables our team to concentrate on your violin tuition in London search without ever charging you for the process.

The only thing you cover the cost of will be the actual classes, nothing more. We will not add anything into the prices of your tutor, and you will not find any extra agency or finder’s costs squirreled aside anywhere (because they’re simply not there!)

5. What will be the regularity of the classes?

We let you decide. Weekly classes are typically advised however if you’d prefer fortnightly classes then that’s fine. For students who require a more intensive course, like lessons over a summer break or possibly a short but frequent routine leading up to a significant performance, that can also be accommodated.

6. Could I look for violin tuition for a group?

Absolutely, our violin tutoring in London can provide for groups, but only if the entire group has already been formed. Our service does not include placing new students directly into third party groups.

7. How about violin tutoring and gift vouchers?

If you’d love to seek out violin lessons in London as a present for someone, keep in mind that the least quantity of classes available for a present is 5.

8. I need to search for violin classes for adults. Is this doable?

No issue. If you are an adult, trying to find violin lessons in London for yourself, you have found the perfect place. Stars & Catz private music tutors are well experienced in helping adults.

9. Could you help me to get a violin teacher for my KID?

Naturally! More research comes out each year regarding the advantages of studying music for children. We are experts in choosing the best violin tutors for children in London because we know about the experience of our teachers in terms of instructing youngsters.

10. I am in need of violin tutoring for a specific curriculum. Are you able to help me?

Yes we are able to. All you need to do is include the exam board as an element of the search requirements when you enquire about violin tutoring in London and we’ll make sure that the teacher we match you with teaches that particular exam board. The most common assessment boards which our teachers offer include: Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM.

11. What will be the prices for violin classes?

With respect to the specific academy or music tutor we match you with, prices will vary. As an average guide, the average price is from £15 to £20 for 30 minutes and £25 to £35 for an hour.

To make certain the lessons are affordable, you can easily specify a limit to the lesson rate as part of your enquiry criteria, and we will provide a clear answer after we’ve completed the search for violin classes in London.

12. When are violin classes available?

Why don’t we put that the other way around. When will you be available? When we know this, we can make sure that’s part of our criteria when a member of our staff is completing your violin lessons in London search.

13. What if I wish to look for violin tuition for a one-off lesson?

We can’t support you with that situation unfortunately. We are not able to perform the completely free matching process for violin classes in London when you merely require the one class.

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